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The Venue of INTIS 2014 will be INPT Rabat, Maroc

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Morocco is a safe and stable country.
Morocco offers the guaranty of excellent quality sunshine for most of the year. Spring time is particularly warm and pleasant.


Rabat is the second biggest city after Casablanca. It is famous for all the historical monuments in the Kingdom and the luxurious carpets and rich embroidery. A good thing about Rabat is that you can easily explore the city on your own without the help of a guide. This gives you time to chat with locals in the cafes who do not depend on the money of the tourists.
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Located at the heart of Rabat, the Institut National des Postes et Télécommunications Will host NTIS'14 conference.
Address : 2, Av Allal El Fassi , Madinat AL Irfane , Rabat , Morocco
Phone : +212 537 77 30 77
               +212 538 00 28 09
Fax :      +212 537 77 30 44

The conference site can be accessed by car, by tramway (Avenue de France Station), by train (Rabat-Agdal Station) or by bus.


- Atlantic Agdal :  Adgal

- Hôtel Diwan : Hassan

- Golden Tulip Farah Rabat ( Une vue panoramique)

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